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What Are Unsecured Personal Bank Loans

Unsecured personal bank loans are basically loans from a financial institution or person that is not secured by collateral. This type of loan is applied for blindly. This means that you don't have to tell the lender what you will be using the money for.

Because you don't have to tell the lender what you will be using the money for you can use it for just about anything. Unsecured personal bank loans are a good way to finance home improvement, recreational vehicle purchases, and even vacations. These loans are a viable option to home equity loans.

While unsecured personal bank loans offer the benefit of not being guaranteed by a piece of property or other type of collateral they usually have worse terms than a secured loan. When you borrow money through a home equity loan your home is put up as collateral. If you default on the loan then the lender can take your house as payment for the loan. Because of this home equity loans tend to offer interest rates that are under 10 percent. However, an unsecured loan doesn't provide the lender with any type of guarantee that they will be paid back. Because of this unsecured loans tend to have much higher interest rates.

When you apply for unsecured personal bank loans you will want to make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the loan. First you will want to see what interest rate will be charged. In some cases the interest rate charged can exceed 14 percent. Next you will want to see what type of closing costs and up front costs the loan charges. These charges can cost you hundreds of dollars. Finally you will want to see how long the loan is for. You will pay less interest by taking out a loan for a shorter period of time, but your payments will be larger. You can reduce your monthly payment amount by taking out a longer loan, however, you will end up paying more in interest charges.

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