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One method of borrowing money that is available to borrowers with less than stellar credit is the use of guaranteed online personal loans. These are sometimes called bad credit loans or payday loans, and often carry interest rates that are considerably higher than those of credit cards, mortgages, and car notes. Because of these often unfavorable terms, they should primarily be used for short term monetary needs, when the borrower knows he/she will be able to come up with the money fairly quickly to pay back the loan in its entirety, such as during the next pay period.

It is important to determine if the company offering the loan is a legitimate one. One way to do this is to see if it is listed in a consumer advocacy service, such as the Better Business Bureau or the state office of the Attorney General. There may be complaints on the websites of either of these sources pertaining to the company in question. Or, there could be positive experiences posted about the company online as well, which would be a good thing in the case of dealing with an online personal loan vendor.

What kind of person might take advantage of this quick cash? All too often, people run out of money between pay periods, and if they could just get a little help until the next paycheck comes, they could get back on their feet and repay the loan using the funds in the upcoming wages. Renters might also fall behind and need some emergency cash to pay off the landlord so they don't get evicted from their house or apartment. But one of the most common situations is when a child falls ill, and some emergency money is needed to provide adequate healthcare. In this case, a parent will do anything they can to help their child get better, which includes taking out a guaranteed online personal loan to raise the cash.

And now, it is possible to be on the other side of this arrangement and become a lender. Websites are popping up that match borrowers with people who have extra money that they would like to invest, so that these private individuals can earn interest on their money. It's just as if they were a bank offering a personal loan to the individual. And surprisingly, the rate of default on the loans is not that bad; at least it's low enough to keep the private lenders coming back for more.

In summary, guaranteed online personal loans are available for people that may not be able to borrow money elsewhere due to poor credit. Because of the terms of the loans, they are best used for short term situations; however, they can be drawn out over longer time periods as well. Emergencies such as medical problems, falling behind on the rent, or just plain running out of money a week before the next paycheck, can necessitate these loans. They provide an important resource for the middle class consumer, and can often be a lifeline that is thrown to someone when there are few or no other options left.

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