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Are you in debt? Do you have credit cards? Are you current on your payments? Do you have loans? Are those payments current? Do you have more debt than you can handle? Do you know how to repair your credit? Do you know where to go, who to contact, what to do to fix your credit? Are you scared of walking into a bank to apply for a debt consolidation loan? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then reading debt consolidation advice blogs may be something you want to consider.

Basically debt consolidation advice blogs are websites that compile a lot of information about debt consolidation, debt services, credit counseling, and just about everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about debt.

Debt consolidation advice blogs come in various setups. Some are set up like a web forum. You can post a question, and another reader answers. Sometime multiple readers can answer your question. The benefit to this is that when you ask a specific question, you get a specific answer. Unlike just researching on the internet where information is broad and FAQs don't always answer specific questions, in a forum you can get as specific as you want. The other benefit to this is that unlike websites and lenders who want your business and will sugar coat and sometimes forget to mention the fine print, forums are written by consumers that will speak from personal experience. They have been through the debt consolidation process. You should also keep in mind, that not everyone has the same experience, so you may get multiple answers for the same question. You should always verify your information before you accept it as the gospel truth. While this type of advice blog has its benefits, keep in mind that it is written by average people, not professionals. So while you may get a better understanding based on other people's experience, you may not have the same problems or experience. As you can see, this has its benefits and downfalls.

The second type of debt consolidation advice blog is written by professionals in the business. Many times they will make a blog website of the questions that many of their clients ask them or of frequently asked questions. This type of website is beneficial in the way that it can explain in detail some of the process that the everyday person would not know. For example, we know that our credit report is used to determine the terms of service and possible interest rate, and to decide if any collateral will be required. The debt professional knows the formula on how that is decided. They can give you more specifics than you can get in a forum type blog. Some blogs also have the option to email the webmaster or blog author to ask questions that they can put on the blog for you to see the answer. This option gives you a honest professional answer from a professional, so you can see how this can be a great benefit.

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