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How to Obtain Bad Credit Personal Signature Loans

For someone needing some quick cash for any need, a signature loan is one option of borrowing the money. A signature loan is basically another term for an unsecured personal loan, in that a person's signature is their word that they will pay the money back, instead of the loan being backed by an asset such as a house or car.

As the loan is unsecured, the interest rate is usually higher than that of a secured loan such as a mortgage or a home equity loan. It is also generally harder to qualify for a loan of this type, because the bank or credit union has to be doubly sure that the borrower has the means and the inclination to pay the money back, as it has no quick recourse to get the money back should there be a default on the loan. With a secured loan, the lending institution can always just seize the collateral and sell it to recoup the funds if need be, but this option is not available with an unsecured loan.

For this reason people with bad credit often have a hard time getting personal signature loans, but this option is not completely out of the question for them. Bad credit personal signature loans will usually carry a higher interest rate than loans for people with good credit, as this extra interest that the banks earn acts as an insurance policy against the higher default rate of borrowers with bad credit.

As the loans are unsecured, they will usually be issued in smaller amounts than mortgages, with the upper limit typically set at $20,000. People can use the funds from personal signature loans for all sorts of reasons, but the typical uses are for debt consolidation, home repairs or improvement, or unexpected expenses such as medical bills or auto repair. The payment terms for personal signature loans can vary, but the typical loan of this type is carried from two to five years.

Another option that many banks and credit unions offer is a signature line of credit. This type of loan is a never ending loan that stays open even when it's paid off. That way, the borrower always has access to the funds in case of emergency, or if he needs them for another reason such as a home improvement or a vacation. Usually, special checks are issued to the borrower, who can write them out just as if they were on funds deposited in a checking account. When the checks clear the bank, the amounts are added to the balance of the loan, which is then paid on by the borrower.

So, for people who are in need of some additional money, but either rent their residence or don't have enough equity in their house to qualify for a home equity loan, signature loans are available from banks and credit unions. Even for people with shaky credit, bad credit personal signature loans are there for when they get into a jam that only an additional source of funds will get them out.


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