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How to Get a Bad Credit No Money Down Mortgage

People who have had credit problems often live under the assumption that their poor credit history will prevent them from being able to get a mortgage. This is not the case at all, and more and more people are turning to a bad credit no money down mortgage to realize their dreams of home ownership. You must find a lender who specializes in unusual circumstances. These lenders will help you get a bad credit no money down mortgage. You usually will have two programs to choose from with these lenders.

The first is a standard bad credit no money down mortgage. These programs will lend you the entire amount of the home you are considering for purchase. These are generally for borrowers on the better end of bad credit. The one downside to these loans is that they generally have a very high interest rate compared to a traditional mortgage. However, if your credit standing improves with time, you can refinance your bad credit no money down mortgage at a lower interest rate in the future. Other the two programs, this is the most cost effective, if you can qualify.

The other option for a bad credit no money down mortgage is an 80/20 loan. Technically, these are piggy backed loans where one account is a loan for the down payment, and the other is for the balance of the mortgage. These are a better option for those with the worst credit. While again, your interest rates and payments may be a bit higher initially, you can consolidate later on to save money, as your credit improves. Your best bet is to consult a bank or mortgage broker about which option will work for you, as they can give you the best advice possible to be able to pay back your loan.


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