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Do You Need a Bad Credit Mortgage Loan?

Imagine it: A home, with a bedroom for each of your wonderful children; a yard with a pool and a place for the kids to play with the family dog; a patio with a picnic table to eat outside; family get-togethers at your beautiful home. Isn't that a wonderful picture? Then you look at your credit report, and the picture is torn to shreds and you are left in tears in your run down two bedroom apartment. Don't you wish you could own a home? Don't you wish you could apply for a loan and hear that magic word that brings tears of joy to your eyes: "ACCEPTED"? Stop dreaming and make it happen. Get that mortgage loan! Buy your home! Don't take "no" for an answer! Don't be a victim of your past and let your credit stand in the way of such a beautiful dream! Apply for that loan and read those words:"ACCEPTED!" Keep reading to learn some tips towards getting a bad credit mortgage loan to get "Accepted!"

First get a copy of your credit file from all the major credit bureaus. If you do nothing else, get these. They are the most important tool you have. With these you will know exactly what the banks know. This is the only thing they use to determine whether or not to risk giving you the loan. Level the playing field by seeing exactly what they see. That way you are not caught off guard by anything. If you have some black marks on your file, try to take care of them. Call the creditors and see if you can negotiate with them. Call a credit counselor and see if they can negotiate with them. If you can't do either one, write out a statement about every black mark you have. Include in this statement how you plan to rectify the debt and/or black mark. When you apply for the loan, be ready to defend your credit. Make them want to give you the loan.

It is true that your credit report is about 90% of the decision making process. There's that other 10% that you need to use to your advantage. You are selling yourself to the bank. You have bad credit. You want a loan. Why should they take such a big risk on you? They don't care about why your credit is bad. They just see that it is. Don't let them stop there. Convince them that you are worth the risk of giving a bad credit loan to.

Look at all your black marks and negative things and think of everything you can to turn it around. Practice with a friend until you can go into the bank and have an answer for anything they ask you. Go in confident and well dressed and prepared and there will be no reason for you to come out empty handed. Sell yourself to the bank. The right package and right advertisement is what they want to see, so bring it to them. Get your home. Make your dream come true with a bad credit mortgage loan and Start today!

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