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How do I open a Bank Account Online?

As Internet banks don't have the overheads that conventional banks do, they can often offer a higher interest rate.

It is also, often, easier to manage you money with online bank accounts as they offer 24 hour online banking and

The procedure to open an Internet savings bank account normally follows this pattern:

1. Get you current bank account sort code and account number details to hand and fill in the online application form.

2. A reference number and account number for your new account should be sent to you via post.

3. Follow the instructions in the information received, you will normally have to send a cheque to your new account to activate it (by post)

4. Once your new account has had the first payment deposited you should receive more information in the post to verify your initial deposit. You normally get two letters, one with your customer number and other details and one with your pin number, these may arrive on seperate days.

5. You should now be able to log into your new account online and via the phone. If you have any problems contact the banks customer services.

Not all banks follow this procedure.

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