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Payday Loans - Cash Advances - Quick Short-Term Loans

The Payday Loan is a popular loan type and is used when you need cash quickly.

Generally people use credit cards if they need to pay for something and they don't have the funds. However many people find themselves in the position that they have either maxed out their credit cards or the place they need to pay simply doesn't accept them and if they have no spare cash they turn to a payday loan.

Payday loans have some disadvantages but also offer advantages.

  • The interest rate of a payday loan is generally higher than a normal loan or a credit card but many companies can get the cash to you quickly, overnight, which is perfect when you need quick cash.
  • If you extend the loan it can become very costly but at the same time you have the option of extending it or not depending on when you have enough funds to pay it back.

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