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Bank of Scotland Personal Loans

In order to apply for a Bank of Scotland personal loan you will need to satisfy certain points as with all Unsecured loans

Their online application form is on a secure server with 8 simple steps, on average they clain it takes 10 mins approx to complete.

Certain details will be needed to fill the application in so you should have these to hand:

These include:

- The address where you have lived for the past 3 years.
- The details of you bank or building society's account.
- The name and address of your employer.
- Details of you monthly income and outgoings.

The Halifax and Bank of Scotland Group merged in the September of 2001 creating the HBOS group which serves over 22 million customers. The group is the largest UK mortgage lender and savings provider and hold a good market share in credit cards and current accounts. There are millions of private sharholders of this PLC which commands £100's of billions of assets.




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